1st Call Singing Waiters

1st call singing waiters offer a real fun surprise wow factor to a wedding !

They were one of the first teams in the UK and have surprised and entertained guests at 100’s of weddings all over the country.


How it Works

Dressed exactly the same as your chosen venues real waiters our singing waiters help serve the meal, most often the dessert course .so your guests believe them to be the real thing.  Then when the moment feels right to the surprise and delight of your guests they suddenly burst into song !  

They then fully interact with your guests encouraging them to join in wave their napkins in the air and singalong !  

They can also perform their special surprise musical act during a drinks reception, the serving of canapes or when bringing out a cake.


We offer four different singing waiters options

Party singing waiters, Light Opera singing waiters, Ratpack/Swing singing waiters, Broadway/Westend singing waiters. The Party singing waiters includes songs from musical icons such as Gloria Gaynor, Dusty Springfield,  Michael Buble, Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey, Abba, Cher, Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse and many many more…



With all four options the singing waiters have regular, popular tried and tested songs. Songs which appeal to all different age groups particularly important of course for a wedding. If there is a particular song or musical artiste you would like included please feel free to ask us. The singing waiters perform approx. ten songs, a duration of approx. half an hour.



The cost depends on your location and the number of singing waiters required. We advise two for up to approx. 85 guests,three for up to 120 guests and four for over 120 guests.


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