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Splendid Gentlemen

By now you're probably starting to notice that all wedding bands just seem to be the same right? Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Splendid Gentlemen and we pride ourselves on being nothing like the standard, cheesy wedding band. We also don't like to bore you with outrageous bragging about being "Scotland's most in demand wedding band" or some other over the top claim.

We have all the songs you would expect from a wedding band, as well as others you thought you would never be able to have at your wedding. We let our music, awards and our track record speak for itself.

Please feel free to take a look at what we do and decide for yourself if you feel that we would be the perfect addition to the statement you want to make at your wedding.

Website: http://www.SplendidGentlemen.co.uk  Tel: 07979 490 300

Email Address: Dee@SplendidGentlemen.co.uk