Tips and Advice for Choosing a Tiara



Tiaras are like your jewellery, they are there to accessorise you, your wedding dress and of course your hair. You will already have chosen your wedding dress, and what’s on your wedding dress will help you choose the type of beads or crystals and design you will need to compliment your look. You may decide to go for a side tiara in favour of a traditional tiara to create a more modern look. Here at dizaTIARAS I can also make your jewellery to match your tiara.

Base Metal Colour. The base of your tiara should match the jewellery you have decided to wear. Choose a gold tiara base for gold jewellery and silver tiara base for silver jewellery. If your necklace is made from beads or pearls then match the tiara base to the clasps on your beads or pearls. Your wedding dress could also determine the colour of your tiara base as not all wedding dresses are white.

To Sparkle or Not. Tiaras can be made up using semi precious gemstones, Czech glass, diamante, pearls and Swarovski crystals. If you want your tiara to glitter and shine then a good choice is Swarovski crystal and diamante. Of course there is no hard and fast rule to say that you can't mix any type of beads so long as they compliment each other. Also what is on your wedding dress will also determine what to choose. If your wedding dress has Swarovski crystals then your tiara should have the same. The same can be said for pearls, but again I would suggest adding Swarovski crystals to give it that bling effect.

Have I chosen the right Design? Don’t worry too much about the height of your tiara. A good hairdresser will style your hair so that the tiara accessories your hair and not have it so that it just sit on top of your head. If you want I can also take inspiration from your wedding dress and design something new, or you can ask me to design it using anything else that you love e.g. on a tattoo that you have. It is best to try on as many different designs as possible. There have been many occasions when brides have come to me with a certain idea but after trying on all the different styles, which is a lot of fun here at dizaTIARAS, the bride and her bridesmaids end up going away having choosen something totally different!

Why should I have it handmade? Having your tiara handmade allows you to customise designs by changing the components and colours. If you have a heirloom brooch from a grandparent/parent or set of jewellery you want me to incorporate into the design, then I can do this for you. Or if you have an old handmade tiara/comb from a previous occasion, I can dismantle it and redsign it for you. Your bridesmaids can also wear tiaras that can be customised by colour and can also be a smaller version of your own style. You can also incorporate your colour scheme you have chosen for your bridesmaid to wear into your own tiara. At the end of the day, like your jewellery, tiaras are a personal choice, only you know if you like it but it is always handy to have someone you trust with you to tell you if you suit it or not. The important thing about tiaras is that you like it and it enhances the way you look.

On a budget! Here at dizaTIARAS I strive to offer a handmade bespoke service at an affordable price using the high quality swarovski crystals, swarovski pearls and fresh water pearls. But in this current economic climate even my amazing prices can seem like a touch of luxury and out of reach of every brides well planned budget.

So what else is on offer?
Czech Glass also known as Fire Polished beads because of the way these beads are produce comes in very many colours and shapes, in clear AB crystals and coloured pearls. Using these less expensive crystals and pearls means that even my most expensive tiaras can become affordable for every brides budget.

When should you choose your tiara? The latest you should leave choosing your tiara would be three months before your wedding date. This allows for components being out of stock and for customising the colour and for any changes to the design to be made. Buying your tiara this early also allows you to have a few trial runs with you hairdresser for a suitable hairstyle. Don't worry if you have left it to the last month before your wedding, just give me, Diana, a call and I will do my very best to organise a tiara for you.
All designs are originals. You can request a copy of any tiara on display but as each tiara is handmade no two tiaras will be exactly the same so each tiara will be unique to you. But above all, choosing a tiara should be an enjoyable experience. Diana at dizaTIARAS is happy for you to come along to an appointment to look at tiaras and discuss your requirements without any obligation.



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