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Toastmasters and master of ceremonies dressed in their traditional livery will ensure the smooth running of your day. They add sparkle and a sense of ceremony to any occasion and will make the wedding  party and your guests feel at ease and able to enjoy the day, whilst upholding and maintaining tradition and etiquette as per your requirements.

But what should you consider before engaging a toastmaster? Here’s my top tips:

1. Use a professional

Using a professional toastmaster who is a member of a Guild will ensure they have been properly trained and assessed in the etiquette and traditions associated with a wide range of events, occasions and ceremonies and will mean that you can relax and enjoy your day knowing that you have a professional overseeing everything and correctly advising you.

2. Always meet them

You should always meet your Toastmaster before you engage them, they are going to be one of your key suppliers and you must have confidence and trust in them to ensure the smooth running of your perfect day.

Their character, personality and demeanour must fit the ethos, look and feel for your day, so a professional will advise and guide you as to tradition and etiquette, but will listen to your requirements and flexibly adapt. A good toastmasters will also able to adapt their livery to meet the feel of your day, wearing black tails or a less formal jacket if required.

Do some research and look at what other couples have to say on their website testimonials or Facebook/Google reviews.

3. Appearances aren’t deceptive

Your Toastmaster should be well groomed and impeccably turned out in their livery so have a look through the photos on their website to see if their appearance is consistent.  If they can’t take the time to display high professional standards in their own appearance you should probably question their attention to detail and ability to oversee the smooth running of your day to the highest standards.

4. They aren’t a guest

It’s important to remember that your Toastmaster is a key supplier and not a guest.

A professional Toastmaster will know this and will behave accordingly including not drinking any alcohol (even for the toasts) whilst working, or eating the canapés/buffet (although most will ask for arrangements to be made for them to have a meal, either on a separate small table or away from your guests dining area). They should not join in group photos, unless asked to do so by you, however they may ask for a shot with you for their own portfolio, website or advertising. 

5. It's all included in the package


If you are offered a Toastmaster as part of a venue package, always check that you will get a professionally trained, 'red-coated' Toastmaster as some venues will use a member of their events team to act as a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, which isn’t the same.

If after meeting the venue Toastmaster you don’t think they are the right fit for you or your day, don’t be afraid to say that you would like an alternative.

6. Independence can be good

Generally, a Toastmaster working as part of a venue’s wedding package will be contracted by the venue and so will be working for them and not directly for you. Sometimes its good to have a Toastmaster contracted by you who is independent of the venue to act on your behalf and ensure the venue delivers everything you have agreed with them.




Professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

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