D-I-Y your wedding? Seriously? Don’t involve yourself! 

By Chirpee Flowers


Yes, of course I understand, not everyone and very few to be fair, have an unlimited budget, it becomes pressurised to aspire to a “dream” wedding. Many newly engaged couples rebel at some stage in the process, and decide that they will do things on their own.

Good for you – be yourself – it’s your day!

However, if you have never had a wedding, or been involved in planning a wedding – DO NOT D-I-Y!

Contact experts – they have had lots of experience and can tell you what or doesn’t work.

Decide on your overall budget at the first steps of planning and stick to it. Allocate a set budget for each area of your wedding.  Share it with your supplier, they need to know so they can help you. Secondly plan for the unplannable, buy some wedding insurance. You may send me a big thank you in the future for this one.

The most common bit of advice from friends is “consider the areas that you can cut down on”.

This is possibly the worst bit of guidance in the history of wedding planning given out to couples so many disasters could have been avoided.

Instead, think smart. Who do you know that can help that has expertise?

So, you’ve sent your florist lots of gorgeous dreamy pictures from Pinterest, showing thousands of pounds worth of flowers and then are shocked when you get a quote for an undreamt figure.  Instead, talk to your wedding supplier and ask their advice, find out if they can offer alternative suggestions. Most people are willing to help you if you are upfront about your budget. If they are not willing, then probably that’s the time to look elsewhere.

What’s the worst thing you can say to a florist?  I have been asked “If I bring flowers from the local petrol station can you make me a bouquet” OMG

“My mother in law wants to do all the flowers, she’s completed a 1-day flower workshop “

“I want to do everything myself - so could you supply all the flowers and I will collect them from you”.

Bear in mind it takes up to 5 years to train to be an accomplished florist. “You need to know about which flowers may poison the guests if the wedding cake has been decorated by an amateur”.

Florists, like other wedding suppliers are highly trained professionals. Think about your own job, wouldn’t you feel just a little bit miffed if someone implied they could learn your job in a day?

I’ve seen the very worst DIY wedding disasters. From home-made cakes that melted in the hot weather due to lack of knowledge about storage, to 4 tier cakes that collapsed because they weight distribution was wrong (and someone thought it would be ok to stack four soft Victoria sponges on top of each other without support!).

The foliage that was picked from the countryside, that produced creepy crawlies and bugs all over the tablecloths during the wedding breakfast. Commercial foliage is treated for pests!

The bridesmaid dress that fell apart down the aisle because Auntie Hilda hadn’t sewn the seams correctly.

Arches made from empty beer cans that smelt, because the couple thought it would be “funny”.

The atrocious bridal hairstyle that had the bride in tears, just because someone thought “how hard is it to do her hair?” wow you should have seen it. If I posted a picture here I would be sued.

The sadness in a couple’s eyes when they saw the wonky off-centred photographs and fuzzy video, again because their Father in Law uttered the dreaded phrase “I will do that for you at no cost”

To all couples that are DIY-ing their wedding – we salute you! (and secretly think you are crazy). Do avoid the stress the tears and the wish to kick someone’s butt.

At Chirpee Flowers we do love to see DIY features and nice personal touches. Just remember (and this bit is important) not to give yourself TOO much to do, especially on the days running up to the wedding. Sometimes you need to hand over tasks to someone who has expertise and you can trust to get it done for you.


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Whatever you choose for your future have a happy time.

If you need any advice please don’t hesitate and contact us we love talking to all couples.

Steph and Tim xx