Top 10 wedding invitation mistakes to avoid

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Your wedding invitations are your guests’ first glimpse of your big day so it is worth taking the time to get them just right!

There is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing and ordering your wedding invitations but this is an exciting step in your wedding planning journey!

With so many options when it comes to paper, designs and wedding invitation wording, it is easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of your invites and to forget some of the most important details.

From putting the wrong RSVP date to leaving your invites to the last minute, take a look at some of the most common wedding invitation mistakes to avoid to help make ticking your wedding invitations off your checklist as painless and enjoyable as possible!

1) Leaving your wedding invitations to the last minute


The first big error to avoid is sending out your invites too late, as this can result in important family members or friends being unable to attend your wedding and may also prevent you from getting your final headcount to your suppliers on time!

We would recommend sending out your wedding invitations up to four months before the big day, giving even more time for a destination wedding.

Giving your guests plenty of notice will make it easier for them to book the time off work and to organise their transport and accommodation.

Preparing your wedding invitation well in advance will also allow you to send them out by second-class post and to deliver many invites by hand, saving some of your precious wedding budget!

2) Forgetting key information


Whilst there are a lot of options for the style of your wedding invitation wording, you will want to make sure that you include the following basic details:

·       Names of the guests invited

·       Date and time of your ceremony and reception

·       Names of your wedding venues

·       RSVP deadline

·       RSVP contact details

Atelier Rosemood has plenty of wedding invitation wording advice on their website, with sample texts suited to formal and informal wedding celebrations!


3) Missing out your RSVP date


Give your guests around 3-4 weeks to reply to your wedding invitations, making sure that you leave yourself a couple of weeks to chase any unanswered invitations before your suppliers require the final numbers.

As well as the RSVP date, let your guests know how you wish them to respond, whether it’s using your matching RSVP cards or via your wedding website.


4) Not specifying names on your wedding invitations


Avoid the awkward questions of whether a guest can bring along a plus one or whether their children can attend the wedding, by adding names to each wedding invitation. This will make it clear from the start who is and isn’t invited to your celebrations and will also add a more personal touch to your wedding invitations!


5) Not ordering enough invitations and envelopes


Often the more wedding invitations you buy, the cheaper each invite is. So avoid paying over the odds for any last minute invitations by ordering a few extra copies from the offset! This will make sure that you are covered for any late additions to your guest list or if you make a mistake when writing out your guests’ names! Extra envelopes are also a safe option, just in case you write out an address incorrectly or find out that someone has moved!

When ordering your invitations count one per household rather than one per person, and then consider adding five extra copies to your total just in case!


6) Typos


You and your partner should double and triple check your wedding invitation wording to make sure that all the details are correct and that there are no sneaky typos! There is nothing worse than realising that you have missed off your RSVP date or misspelt your wedding venue! This is why professional proofreaders at Atelier Rosemood will also check over your invitations before they are printed!


7) Not sticking to your budget


Look out for hidden costs when choosing your wedding invitations and be realistic about which finishing touches fit into your wedding budget. Remember that prices will vary depending on the format and paper type you choose, and bespoke invitations designed to your exact specifications will cost more than a design that can be personalised online!


8) Forgetting to stamp the RSVP envelopes


Wedding invitation etiquette dictates that you shouldn’t expect your guests to have to pay for stamps to send back your RSVP cards. In reality, if you do not pre-address and stamp these envelopes, your guests will probably decide just to ring or email you with their response instead of paying for a stamp, so you will miss out on the excitement of seeing each RSVP drop through your letterbox!


9) Squeezing too much information onto your invites


We imagine that there was a lot of deliberation when it came down to choosing your wedding invitation design, so do not overcrowd your stunning design with too many of the finer details! Additional wedding invitation inserts can be a great way to consolidate information on accommodation options, gift lists and even taxi companies for the end of the night, so think about whether you can factor these into your budget. Otherwise, a wedding website is ideal for centralising the extra information that your guests may need!


10) Not sending your invites out at the same time


Whilst it may be tempting to pop your invitations in the post as you go if you have been addressing a few envelopes at a time, it is best to send them all out at once to help avoid any family fallouts. We wouldn’t want your cousin Louise telling your Auntie Jane that she has been invited when Jane’s invitation is not yet in the post!


Remember that choosing your wedding invitations should be an exciting experience and we hope that these top 10 wedding invitation mistakes to avoid will make it easier for you to get your invites just right!

Don’t forget that an easy way to avoid a lot of these mistakes is to try out your invitations before committing to a full order! Atelier Rosemood offers free sample packs featuring multiple designs on different paper types, and you can also order personalised samples of your favourite design.

There is also a lot of wedding stationery advice out there and you should not be afraid to ask the experts! Rosemood’s friendly customer service team will be more than happy to advise you on everything from your wedding invitation wording to the perfect finishing touches!

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