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YOUnique Events & Catering

YOUnique Events & Catering brings luxury and creativity to your weddings.

Known for producing stylish and extraordinary weddings with exquisite catering, we will make your dreams come true. With our exclusive country house Broadacres in East Sussex, every couple can enjoy the freedom of the South Downs for a stunning reception for up to 200 guests. Rustic weddings, quirky ideas, seasonal weddings, themed weddings or traditional weddings, your story is our story. Your wedding should be as YOUnique as you

As a caterer, YOUnique is passionate about creating innovative and outstanding experiences with local produce. Our brilliant MasterChef Winner will create fancy and tasty canapés, a 3 course menu or an exclusive 6 course menu.

We brought together a team of multi-cultural, experienced and imaginative members that strive to make memorable events that are all about you, the individual. With a long-standing background in venue and event management as well as event production, we have a global expertise that allows us to ensure you a YOUnique event experience. We excel in events management and creation for bespoke events, such as weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Bring your best ideas, your YOUnique wedding experience awaits.”




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