Don't worry, our frequently asked questions guide is here to help. If there is any additional information or questions then please ask our Wedding Gurus JP Wilson with by contacting us via our contact page or Tel: 0845 463 9907. If we’re not available, please leave us a message and we’ll return your call within 24 hours.




Q: What advertising Options do you offer and do you offer any discounts ?
A: You can advertise in a variety of sections on The Big Gay Wedding Directory depending the type of business you are. We are the UKs largest and original  directory for same sex weddings and boast on having the most categories listed too. We don't believe in subsections - we simply want the directory to be as simple as possible to use. We offer discounts to companies that offer several services or products and would find it costly to list them separately. Please email us via our contact page to discuss options - Let us look after you !!

Q: I am ready to advertise with you but I cant find a link to enter my details etc. What do I do?
A: Dont worry, after you have chosen your Listing package you will receive an automated email with links to add in your listing details to enable us to create your listing for you. NB. Images must be sent separate in an email. If your images are large we suggest you send them via WE TRANSFER


Q: How long is my listing displayed on the directory?
A: FOREVER - we don't believe in monthly or yearly subscriptions. Your listing may move position on the page but thats all. SEE our advertising page for details of the different listing packages we offer and the benefits they come with.


Q: Do I have to register my details to use The Big Gay Wedding Directory?
A: No. You can browse and search our advert listings without registering. If you decide that you would like to become an advertiser with our directory then we provide you with a password to access our Marketing your wedding business to same sex couples page where we have created an easy guide for you to browse at your leisure.

Q: How do I stop my listing from running?
A: Should you at any time need to stop your advert displaying on the website listings simply send us an email with your details and where you are listed.


Q: What category should I put my advert in?
A: If your listing is for example a cake company, then choose Cakes from the drop down box during the sign up process and mention the geographical region, city , town etc. you would like listed in. If you cannot find a category that matches your product or service then we suggest that you choose a category that is closest to your requirements. Please Note: We are always happy to receive requests for a category option that we may not currently offer but cannot guarantee it will always be possible,  please email us via our contact page

Q: How do I change my listing details?
A: Should you at any time need to change your details or images, please send the changes to us. Images should be 170px wide if you are changing your listing images or 700 px if you are changing your personal page images. The first time change made to your listing or personal page is complementary. Thereafter there is a £10 admin fee per requested change.

Q: Will my listing(s) be visible in other regions  cities, towns etc ?
A: Your listing(s) will only appear in the regions tell us they should be listed in.


Q: What format and sizes should my images be?
A: Images should be saved in JPEG format and should be over 170px wide for your listing . If you subscribe to having a personal page your images will be resized to 700px wide. 


Q: My images will not upload via email.
A: If your images are large, we suggest you send them via WE TRANSFER  or send them individually - honest we don't mind .

Q: I want to purchase a listing but I am unhappy using my credit card details online.
A: No problem we accept Paypal too. If you prefer to be invoiced we can do this too. Please ignore purchasing the package - send us an email via our contact page.

Q: How can I upgrade my listing ?
A: This is a popular option which can guarantee you better positioning in your region, city etc. Please send us an email via our contact page. and include your company name, where you live and the package you would like to upgrade to. A member of the team will reivew your listing and get back to you as soon possible to confirm you are happy with the cost and take the payment. 


Q: Can I post on your social media pages?
A: Yes, as long as you advertise with us. It's not fair you posting if you don't list on our directory as companies have paid to advertise with us. If we actively see a 'Stray' listing we will remove the post and contact the company encouraging them to list with the other 1200 companies we have listed.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: See Privacy Policy for details.