Guilty Bangles is the largest independent on-line retailer of sterling silver bangles in the UK. With a large range designed to cater for a wide variety of tastes and budgets, our sterling silver bangle range for both men and women is extensive. The range is built around three primary core values, offering a wide range of styles to suit all tastes, providing a fast and efficient free delivery service and ensuring that our prices are competitive and reflect the value of the product.As far as we know, Guilty Bangles is the only on line web site to offer a core range of bangles for men.

All of these bangles are hand made in the UK in solid 925 sterling silver and are exclusive on-line to Guilty. From the very weighty men’s chunky torque to the men’s Esquire torque, there are a range of prices that reflect the weight of the bangle in sterling silver and the complexity to make. All of the men’s sterling silver bangles are hand made in the West Country, they are all in 925 sterling silver and they are all solid.  The bangle range is enhanced by a small selection of men’s cuff-links, bracelets and necklace chains.  All of the men’s products come with free delivery in the UK, this will be with the Royal Mail and secure signed for.

The ladies range is extensive and covers a huge variety from simple and low priced ladies slave bangles, to our exclusive range of British hand made solid and chunky ladies bangles in three sizes. The collection is designed to offer something for everyone, from the weddings collections to a great range of silver torques and silver cuff bangles, there is a bangle for all women. The new large and small wrist collections offer an alternative that is not found elsewhere, from experience we know that women have different wrist sizes and the standard sizes available elsewhere are not suitable for ladies that have a smaller or larger wrists than the average size. The Guilty range of small and large sized bangles are exclusively made for Guilty in the UK, they offer excellent value for money and are solid sterling silver.

The range of individual designs reflects what our customers want and has evolved over the years towards a collection that essentially reflects the aspirations of the Guilty customer. A classic example is the best selling Isabeau that is a simple round bangle, hand made with a beautiful highly polished finished in solid sterling silver and is our best selling exclusive bangle. The cuffs and torques range is similar with the evolution reflecting ladies demands and the best selling Enid textured cuff bangle being popular as well as the Sapphire with a simple wavy design that is thicker than many standard cuff bangles offering a great feel.

Guilty is a small business in a big industry, owned and managed by Jo Hall alongside 3 children and a wide variety of pets and ponies, You are more than welcome to contact Jo with any questions or if you need help or placing an order, as a small company, you also get a personal service based upon knowledge and many years of experience in knowing what both women and men want!



Website Address:  http://www.guiltybangles.co.uk      Tel:  01271 814966    Email Address: jo@guiltybangles.co.uk