Marketing your wedding business - An Introduction

We've come a Long Way

The Power of Tv Adverts..

Supporting same sex marriage used to be considered not the norm and you could say was somewhat taboo. 

Companies that featured gay people in their advertising often faced a backlash and so, for the sake of the bottom line, the couples shown in adverts were strictly heterosexual. 

In 2008, a Heinz TV advert that included two men kissing goodbye was broadcast for a week  before 200 viewers complained and the company pulled the advert. The Deli Mayo TV advertisement in the UK was created as a humorous take on a slice of life and featured a genuine New York deli chef taking the place of a mum preparing great tasting sandwiches in the kitchen using UK Deli Mayo. 

But with gay marriage now legal and the majority of the population supporting the bill, the tide of opinion has swung the other way. Major brands art continuing to give us plenty of reasons to not fast-forward through commercials with spots that are more LGBT-inclusive than ever. 

( <<< Commercials for Tide Stain remover, Doritos,  Paypal and Pepsi ) 

In 2016 Thomas Cook claimed its new ad campaign ‘You want, we do’  featuring a gay kiss and gay parents to be “bold and contemporary”.  The main TV advert, which very cleverly aired on Christmas Day and set to the song ‘Get Ready’ by Stella Talpo, was one of five adverts that showcased Thomas Cook’s hotels and cruise ships. The travel brand’s aim was  to show how it could create different memories for different people across its various resorts. Thomas Cook also described the campaign as “bold” in regards to the way it represented the LGBT community.


It’s a no Brainer – if you’re not for Gay Marriage – don’t marry a gay person
— Whoopi Goldberg

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