YOUnique events


Your story is our story. 

You are almost there. You chose your wedding venue, your theme, the flowers, the decorations and the rest of the suppliers and now you “just” need to choose your catering.

What would it be? Canapés and Wine tasting at a nice outdoor summer wedding, a classic 3 course wedding breakfast with a buffet during the evening?

Do not worry, we are here to help you and worry for you. Food, as we prepare it, is a centrepiece of your wedding and that’s why our MasterChef created a 6 course menu so that every guest discover new tastes and local produce for a completely YOUnique wedding.

Choosing the right formula for your guests might be tricky but we always have the answers for you. For a rustic wedding you may want to focus on easy products like canapes, buffet and hog roast. For classical weddings, winter and fall weddings the seated wedding breakfast with our 3 or 6 course menu might suit you best. YOUnique Events & Catering is passionate about creating innovative and outstanding experiences with local produce only for you so that you catering and wedding be as YOUnique as you.

Bring your best ideas, your YOUnique wedding experience awaits.

Contact us for any help.

Paul WilsonComment